Entrepreneurial Lessons: Vilija Buteniene, Co-Founder of Huedash

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Shopping online is part of our everyday life but it doesn’t mean that we are having a pleasant experience browsing, searching and not always find what we want. Enters Huedash, a customer engagement tool that help brands turn customers into active, authentic and relatable influencers. It’s simply the future of e-commerce, as its co-founder Vilija […]

Entrepreneurial Lessons: NINI Organics

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NINI Organics wants to be superfood for your skin. As the name says, the brand founded by siblings Alex and Nicole offers 100% natural and organic ingredients in a range of skincare, bath and makeup products (the Glow Illuminator is like sunshine in a bottle!) that prove that natural beauty can also be fun and glamorous. In this […]

Entrepreneurial Lessons: Mermaid Stories

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Mermaid Stories was founded by Victoria Weber in Copenhagen, in 2016, with a simple yet whimsical idea: to unite the Scandinavian minimalist aesthetic with some magic, seen in the well- crafted details, like the imprinted mermaid on the back of each watch and the natural coloured pearls in the jewellery. In this interview, the team at […]

Pleasure to Meet: Weleda

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In 1921, when the cosmetic industry couldn’t even imagine the concept of natural beauty, Rudolf Steiner and Ita Wegman joined forces to create a company that followed the anthroposophical principles, i.e, integrating body, mind and soul. In the Switzerland HQ, they created a biodynamic garden to grow everything they needed. Ground breaking, isn’t? The name […]